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The gentlest exfoliant you’ll ever use.

There are better ways to brighten your complexion than scrubbing with harsh scrubs and beads. Painful scrubs and peels actually remove too much of your skin’s surface and can expose underdeveloped skin cells to sunlight which in turn causes sun damage and wrinkling.

Edna’s Royal Elixer is a safe and effective way to remove dead skin cells while leaving the live cells intact. It contains the fruit enzyme, papain, derived from papaya. This enzyme literally dissolves dead skin cells away, leaving the healthy living cells untouched. You’ll look Royal after using Royal Elixer lotion, it really does brighten the complexion as well as soften lines and evens out skin tone.

This product should be used daily after cleansing and before moisturizing. But is also great for chapped lips and when sunburns peel!

2 oz.

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Royal ElixerRoyal Elixer
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Deionized Water, Tegin, Light Cosmetic Oil, Glycerin, Amerchol, Sorbitol, Cetyl Alcohol, Steric Acid, Papain, Mineral Color

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Royal Elixer story
About 15 years ago my daughter’s friend began promoting Mary Kay Cosmetics. I consented to let her give a demonstration at my house. Several people attended. Everyone was impressed, but not me. She wanted to know why. I went to my dressing room and returned with a bottle of Royal Elixer. I said none of your products penetrates the skin as quick and as this one. I put a couple of drops in the palm of her hand and asked her to try it on her arm. She said we don’t have a skin cream like this one. She still tried to convince me to try Mary K. I said I won’t change what has worked so well for me for so many years. I said I will never stop using Edna Sin Care.
(Unfortunately, our friendship ended.)
Review by Hazel C.

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