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Ocean Mint Mask tightens and firms your skin while cleaning and refining your pores.

Ah, Ocean Mint Mask. It’s even better than a day at the beach. The cool tingling sensation of Mint is actually promoting circulation which pulls all of the enzymes and nutrients from the Ocean Kelp down into the cells, feeding them and helping them to breathe which over time keeps your skin pliable so it can't wrinkle. Plus, this mask doesn’t harden on the skin, it stays soft and moveable. Ocean Mint Mask is so gentle that you can actually put it over your eyelids and lips. (Where we girls over 30 need firming the most.)

This hydrating mask also promotes quick healing to any pimple or open sore because of the topical application of zinc. If you have open sores or pimples apply Ocean Mint Mask to them directly for 20 minutes and you will see a quick and dramatic healing by the next morning.

Ocean Mint Mask is wonderful for all skin types. If you have dry or oily skin we recommend using the Mask at least once a week. Ocean Mint Mask is also useful for combination skin, whiteheads, blackheads and for acne conditions. If you have these conditions use the mask at least twice a week.

Although Edna recommends applying Ocean Mint Mask to the full face and neck for 15-30 minutes, it is perfectly fine to spot treat or even to use every night if you are working to correct an issue. You can also treat other places on the body (back, arms, legs etc.) and if you forget you have it on, don't worry, it is fine to leave it on for extended amounts of time. (It’s also superb for taking the sting out of a sunburn and helping it to mellow out into a tan.)

To apply: Always stir Ocean Mint Mask before applying. Generously spread the Mask over the entire face including over the eyelids and lips (optional: neck and décolleté area) and leave on for 15-30 minutes.

To remove: Use a warm wet wash cloth.

2 oz. or 4 oz.

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Ocean Mint MaskOcean Mint Mask
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Barley Flour, Ocean Kelp, Irish Moss, Purified Water, Zinc Oxide, Glycerin, Mint Essential Oil, Green Mineral Color

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Customer Reviews

Edna is our "family beauty secret"
Ocean Mint Mask has been used in our family for many years. It started with my Grandmother and mother knowing who I remember as Mrs. Lozer, the lady chemist who created the formula. As a kid my mom would take me to her home in Hollywood where we would pick up our order from her home. Every Sunday my Grandmother, her mother and my mother and myself would use the Ocean Mint Mask. Sometimes even my Grandfather could be seen around the house wearing the mask! Now my daughters use the mask whenever I give it to them as a gift. My Grandmother Mrs. Nudie, or perhaps better known to Edna as Helen Cohn passed away in 2006. I was left with her products that she had and due to losing my job was not able to order more till now. I have been sharing this story with so many of my friends and now even my new beau can’t wait to be masked on Sunday! Thank you so much for this chance to write how I feel about your product, and I look forward to seeing my order arrive so I can have soft smooth clean skin again! My Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Mother, Aunts, and I never in all the years using your products looked our age. In fact, I just turned 50 and look so good! Family users: Helen C., Edith M., Barbara C., Jamie M. Thank you! (Last names removed for safety by Edna Staff) Review by Jami
Mom passed it down to me.
I too grew up with Edna products. 49 years ago my mother started selling it. She will be 80 this year and doesn’t sell it anymore. But still uses it every day. Review by Brenda
Great for the whole family
I, too, love the Ocean Mint Mask, as does my teenager. Peace of mind and excellent, healthy skin, is a blessing.
Thank you, Edna!
Though you were once called Gail Richard, and now Edna, as long as you keep making natural, healthy skin products, I and my family are customers for life.
Review by Jennifer
Ocean Mint Mask is part of my family history
I am so happy that this Company is still around so that I can comment on it. My grandmother, aunt, grandfather and my mother used to use this line of cosmetics when it was called Gail Richards.
I was just talking to my son this week about how they ALL would get together and have facial mask “parties”, and invite friends to use the products. I suppose they were also selling them, or at least my aunt was, I think. But, they ALL had so much fun during these “parties” and took lots of pictures, of which I am NOT an owner of…rats.
Anyway, so glad you are still around so that I can purchase some of your “Ocean Mint Mask”, same name as way back when my grandparents were using it. It worked beautifully then, so I am trusting that it will work beautifully now.
God Bless,
Review by Lynn W.
I'm so glad it's the same!
I used Gail Richards from the time I was a young girl. My mother sold it but I have not used it for many years now, although my mom and sister still do. Just going through the products was a flash back to my childhood. I haven’t thought about Ocean Mint Mask in so long I had forgotten all about it, but when I saw the name I could smell it. Review by Jeanna

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